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South African Bunker & Trading offers a full range of bunkering services on the African continent.

Global Fuelling Services

SABT is one of the largest trading houses in Africa with a dynamic team of traders who excel in “out the box” thinking to offer the best bunkering options for your vessels anywhere in the world.

SABT is located in Cape Town and is a member of a worldwide group of companies which have offices in 24 countries offering specialized purchasing of fuel and lubricants across the globe

Our global reach and local knowledge provides you with the best bunker solutions, most competitive pricing and operational excellence for all vessel types and sizes.

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African Fuelling Services

The SABT trading team is situated in Africa so we are best suited to cover all your needs for bunkering throughout the continent.

Be assured of timely supply, best products and lowest pricing through SABT’s extensive network of suppliers in West, South and East Africa.

Our regular site visits have taken the guess work out of bunkering in Africa and these visits afford us opportunity to inspect the tanks, trucks and barges of a list of accredited and reliable suppliers ready to service all of your bunkering needs.

Our skilled team of traders are available 24/7 to discuss workable solutions and help plan your voyages, maximising on the best bunker port, avoiding refinery shutdowns and stock outs and tapping into our vast buying power throughout Africa.

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Fuelling of Naval Vessels

SABT provides bunkering services to Navy vessels of many nations. We guarantee only reputable sources of product ensuring no breach of international sanctions. Timely supply and a quick turnaround time also ensure vessel safety and security.


  • Best fuels for your engines and savings on your bunker bill
  • Supply on time, every time
  • Access our global network through one contact

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Global Fuelling to Offshore Rigs

SABT understand the complexities and challenges that operators often face when tasked with fuelling rigs and drillships.

When relocating rigs and drillships, SABT offers a one stop fuelling solution enabling operators to buy fuel at one price for an entire global voyage and on one Purchase Order. In all refuelling locations, SABT maintain absolute operational integrity and environmental safety. A global network of tried and tested suppliers meets the need for high quality fuel delivered on time, in a safe and reliable manner and at market leading prices.

Whatever the supply requirements, whether alongside a berth in port or via supply tanker offshore, SABT offer excellent service at the highest standards.

Our services are highly specialised and can be tailored to suit individual purchasing systems. Our aim is to make fuel purchasing as trouble free and efficient as possible! Experience the peace of mind of having a reputable partner taking care of all fuelling needs.


  • Entire global voyage and on one Purchase Order
  • High quality fuel delivered on time, in a safe and reliable manner
  • Market leading prices

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Rig-Transit Fuelling Services

  • Chartering of supply vessels
  • Surveyor services
  • Agency
  • License approvals
  • Lubricants
  • Equipment hire

Value Added Services

Risk Management

Voyage Planning

Aviation Fuel

Surveyor services

Independent surveyors can be appointed to conduct tank inspections on receiving and delivery vessels and to carry out quantity and quality surveys.


In addition to our fuelling services, we are also able to supply libricants in remote areas where there are little to no distribution networks.


We are able to provide our customers with additives to enhance or improve the qualtiy of fuel anywhere in the world on short notice.